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Total Warhammer's The Grim & The Grave DLC Released

Plus new freebies!

The Grim and the Grave is not a sitcom. It is not the weekly antics of Robert Smith, Andrew Eldritch, Morrissey, Siouxsie Sioux, and the disinterred corpse of Bela Lugosi sharing a flat in Penge. There is no running gag with Smith head-over-heels for Siouxsie's pal Patricia Morrison. You will not see the famous season-closing spit-take freeze-frame after everyone realises how weird it is Moz just served them spag bol with actual meat... and Eldritch finds a shred of Lugosi's cape caught in his teeth.

No, The Grim and the Grave is only new DLC released today for Total Warhammer [official site]. Disappointing.

As mentioned before, The Grim and the Grave is a paid add-on expanding the Empire and Vampire Counts factions. Volkmar The Grim joins the Empire as a legendary lord, followed by the Arch Lector as a regular lord, and new units with the Free Company Militia, Flagellants, and Knights of The Blazing Sun. Those bitey fellas welcome Helman Ghorst as a legendary lord, get Strigoi Ghoul King as a generic lord, and get to field the Mortis Engine and Corpse Cart. Plus new quests, Regiments of Renown, etc.

The Grim and the Grave is £5.99 on Steam. A trailer:

Watch on YouTube

Total Warhammer has been out for three months and already it's accumulated DLC totalling almost as much as the base game (£27.96 vs. £39.99). Optional, of course, but sheesh. That's why Sega are trying to keep Hammerers sweet with freebies.

Also out today, for free, is Total Warhammer Update 3. It brings fixes and balance tweaks (e.g. "Mork was too Morky") along with five new battle maps and a Vampire Counts legendary lord for everyone, Vlad Von Carstein.

Every morning, the flat is shook by Andrew Eldritch's alarm clock blasting This Corrosion. He always lets it play to the end before making himself a cuppa using Morrissey's soy milk.

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