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Town-building action-RPG Regions Of Ruin is free right now

Dwarf buttress

Regions Of Ruin is an excellent 2D side scrolling action-RPG. It's also a town builder, as you build up a settlement from nothing using the wood, stone, iron, and all the other biz you liberate from bandits, monsters, and generally anyone who gets in the way. It's a little bit like Terraria, with more of a fighty, loot-happy structure. And throwing axes.

It's currently free to keep on Steam if you grab it by Tuesday, and honestly, it's probably the best bargain you'll see this week.

The game's developer, Vox Games, announced the giveaway on Saturday, apparently simply feeling generous and empathetic to their fellow involuntary shut-ins. "We're all weathering Covid, let's at least have some fun in the meantime", they said. You'd to well to take that advice. It's a super little game full of axes to throw, and I feel a little guilty for not covering it more.

Past Sin played it though, when it won a close second place in Unknown Pleasures an impossible two years ago. "Regions Of Ruin does away with the grind and the faffing about of the usual survival/gather game, and makes all that supplementary to its fun, tricky clobbering", she said. Coincidentally, that was right before she was taken down for two months by a horrible mystery virus followed by a delightful chest infection/pleurisy combo. Hmm. Still, if there's a good way to spend a feverish month, it's surely building a little dwarfy town and hacking up kobolds for free. Did I mention you can chuck axes?

Regions Of Ruin is now free on Steam, for keeps, but it's not entirely clear whether it's until 6am (as Alice0's Steam says) or 7am GMT (as mine says) on Tuesday the 7th. We have scratched our heads bare, but the point is you should get it right now. It normally costs £11/€12/$12.

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