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Tron: Identity is a new visual novel from Bithell Games

Hack the planet

For my money, if you want a story about a society set inside a computer, look to ReBoot. But I suppose Tron might satisfy, too. A new visual novel set in the neon universe called Tron: Identity was announced during this evening's Disney & Marvel games showcase, and it's being developed by Bithell Games. There's a very brief teaser trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoTron Identity - Reveal Teaser Trailer | D23 Expo 2022

That trailer doesn't really show anything, but there's more to read on the Steam page. Tron: Identity is a visual novel set on a new Grid - the world's explored in the Tron movies - in which "an unprecedented crime has been committed." You're investing that crime by talking and asking questions, and via "Identity Disc puzzles".

If you don't remember your Tron deep lore, identity discs are the back-mounted frisbees which contain the personalities, code, and everything else of programs. They're like backup DVDs for your soul, but also they can be flung like Xena's chakram for some reason. I don't know what form puzzles involving these discs will take.

Although the Steam page doesn't give much away as to Tron: Identity's story, Mike Bithell spoke to IGN after the Disney livestream and mentioned that the game would not feature characters from the movies, Tron or Tron: Legacy. Instead, you'd be operating in a world where those characters were legends, and either revered or hated by the characters you meet.

This isn't Bithell Games' first swing at a visual novel. Although still best known for maudlin platformer Thomas Was Alone, they've more recently released purely narrative games such as Subsurface Circular.

Tron: Identity is currently aiming for release in 2023. It was one of several games shown at the Disney showcase, which also brought a new release date for Marvel's Midnight Suns.

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