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Sharing Is Friendship: Tropico 5 Adds Editor

With Steam Workshop support

Good news for you out there in the Republic of RPS: Tropico 5 [official site] has been updated with a map and mission editor packing Steam Workshop support, which means you can now take directly to the comments section to give your best laboured Communism + Collective Land Improvement + Map Sharing gag. It's only for the Windows Steam version, though.

When Alec played the game last year, he reviewed the whole thing with a bit of a grimace: "There are some bum notes both tonally and strategically, Tropico old hands will find the bones of the things over-familiar, and despite having tons of things to fiddle with ultimately it's hard not call it a lightweight game," he wrote. "I really think it has to be, though."

So some player-made extras support can't hurt, if only for explosive parodies that can unfold.

Alongside Workshop are two pieces of downloadable content, the first of which is a nicely free map pack with five new sandbox and multiplayer maps. The second is something called T-Day which gets you a new scenario task of shooting the a big blockbuster World War II movie amidst your weird political climate.

It's worth pointing out that the whole Tropico series is on sale too. Which isn't really in keeping with the anti-capitalist stuff but whatever.

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