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Big Brother Calling: Tropico 5's Espionage DLC Hits May 28

Droning on

Don't you hate it when you're trying to run your country on a system of illegal cheese blackmarkets and then those pesky enemy spies start butting their head in? This must be the sort of thing Angelina Jolie sits around thinking about all day.

And by extension, I myself am like Angelina Jolie in a way as I sit here contemplating my unholy reign upon Tropico [official site]. The game's fifth entry hit last year, and I should note our Alec wasn't too hot on it when it released - you can read his words here where he says among other things: "There are some bum notes both tonally and strategically."

But I quite like the Orwellian potential of this next expansion.

Tropico 5's newest DLC, called Espionage, is incoming and dated for May 28th. The aim is to keep foreign powers from stealing your island's secrets. Install security checkpoints to reveal enemy agents then throw them into the island's Dungeon. Monitor your citizens through a newly enforced Tropican data privacy law. Introduce air security with police blimps.

"Spanning six missions, you can expect manipulation, revolts and acts of sabotage as you use all the resources at your disposal to protect your island from the outside powers trying to move in," quoth publisher Kalypso in an announcement. "Will your drink be ‘shaken or stirred’ at the end of this thrilling spy tale?"

Yeah I don't know, whatever, all I'm thinking is this is one Ed-209 away from a RoboCop, and isn't that all you really want out of Tropico?

The expansion will be available this Wednesday on Windows, Mac, and Linux for £14.99.

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