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Tropico 6 moves to next year, looks a lot like a Tropico game

Totally typically tropical

Sure, sure, Tropico games are about as indistinguishable from each other as the founding staff of a PC games website circa 2007, but I can forgive that. There's just something about their sun-kissed, low-stakes, silly-but-not-too-silly take on city-building. Every couple of years I really feel the itch to comfort-blanket myself with one, and lo and behold, every couple of years there's a new one. That itch? I feel it RIGHT NOW.

Alas, alack, woe is me, Tropico 6, originally billed for 2018, won't be out this year after all. I shall have to console myself with this eerily familiar trailer instead.

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Hand on heart, I'd struggle to tell you with any certainty what in this 'Gamescom' trailer is actually new, though there is a general sense that they've re-emphasised the public transport side of things. But it looks pretty and there's a whole bunch of things to build, and that's all I really want from Tropico. This is the Domino's Pizza of management games: always the same, never truly memorable, probably not great for you, but feels like exactly what you need in the moment.

There is a new wild card this time, however - traditional Tropicans Haemimont Games have passed development duties to Might & Magic Heroes VII outfit Limbic Entertainment. Haemimont themselves are currently doing a fine job of steadily improving offworld city-builder Surviving Mars.

Tropico 6 has been slated for a 2018 release until now, but publisher Kalypso yesterday announced that it's been shifted back to January 2019. Which, honestly, isn't far away - plus January is the ideal time of year to spend 40 hours staring at a pretend Caribbean.

The only explanation given is a claimed desire to make 6 "the biggest and greatest Tropico yet". However, there will be a closed beta on Steam at some point over the autumn, but no details or dates on that yet.

Or, y'know, just play Tropico 5 again.

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