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Tropico 6's city-building shores are free to visit all weekend

Free flights!

There are only so many times I can say "cor, wouldn't it be nice to travel again" in the pandemic-ridden hell year that is 2020. But I'm going to say it again here, because Tropico 6's sun-swept beaches are opening up all weekend. The irreverent, satirical city-builder is currently free to download and try over on Steam, with prices slashed on trips to the rest of the Tropico franchise.

This free weekend comes on the heels of the game's latest DLC, Lobbyistico. Arriving earlier this week, the pack adds a whole heap of mechanics, buildings and traits aimed at corrupting your state to an excess that'd make even the United States political system blush. Got 'em.

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Despite indulging in (perhaps crass) revolutionary japes, Tropico has always played it rather safe when it comes to sequels. It came as a welcome surprise to Alec (RPS in Peace), then, that Tropico 6's multi-island cities really shook up the form - enough to name it one of our Bestest Bests in his Tropico 6 review last year.

"A long-term Tropico 6 sandbox session leaves the cosiness of yore behind and really explodes, in size, complexity and sun-kissed spectacle," he wrote. "That’s where the real difference between 6 and the last few makes itself known. A collection of features and buildings, big and small, combined into something that ultimately has you sit back and exhale in proud surprise at all you have done, how far you have come."

It's a compelling twist on city-building, even if Tropico's post-launch content leans heavily into the series' naff gaffs. Your president can now be on Twitter, for example, making the sort of posts your somewhat-online dad sends towards politicians he doesn't like.

Tropico 6 is free to download on Steam until July 13th, with a 40% price cut at if you decide you'd like to keep ruling beyond the weekend. The rest of the franchise is also having a big ol' sale right now, available individually or as part of a whopping great bundle going for £65.66.

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