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Sample sun, sand, and strategy in Tropico 6's open beta

The three Ss

If you're curious about how banana republic build-o-management strategy series Tropico has changed (or hasn't) since switching developers again, you can now see for yourself as Tropico 6 has an open beta running until Friday evening. It's free to try, obvs, and includes several campaign missions, sandbox maps, and multiplayer too. Tropico has become staid, each game being largely a prettier version of the previous, but I still have a soft spot for it. Which other strategy game will let me play a wacky ruler stealing the Great Sphinx of Giza to decorate my tropical island? Not enough.

Tropico 6's open beta runs until 6pm (10am Pacific) this Friday, March 8th. Not long, but so it goes. Publishers Kalypso Media say it contains "6 campaign missions, 11 sandbox maps, multiplayer and much more!" I do not know what more there is, nor how much of it.

You can grab the open beta client from Steam. It's 6GB to download, so you won't have tooo long.

Tropico 6 is being made by Limbic Entertainment, the folks behind Might & Magic X: Legacy and Might & Magic Heroes VI and VII. They're new to the series, with Tropicos 3-5 having been made by Haemimont Games.

Following several delays, Tropico 6 is due to launch on March 29th. The delays were in the name of quality so... good? It'll cost £40/€50/$50 on Steam.

An Alice had a look at the closed beta a few months back:

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