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El Presidente logs on in Tropico 6's Spitter DLC

El Presidente, log off.

Regretfully, Tropico 6 has become extremely online. "Big mood", as the kids say. "Same". This week's Spitter DLC adds the faux-social network of the same name to Tropico's banana republic management sim, letting your despotic leader post their way into fame, fortune, followers, and the lingering resentment of a population that wishes their state figurehead could just, for once, log off.

Show yourselves, citizens. El Presidente will never log off.

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Tropico wouldn't be the first city-builder to integrate its own civic management social hellsite. Cities Skylines infamously launched with Chirper, a legally-distinct blue bird that keeps you updated through your citizens' inane "chirps". People hated it, so Colossal Order kept it in. Respectable.

Here, it's Spitter, and the state is just as keen on posting as its populace. In a, uh, blunt nod to certain political figures, your President is terminally online, rubbing digital shoulders with the stars and screaming inane thoughts at their resentful followers. Posting incessantly might raise your standing with faction leaders and celebrities, unlocking new traits. You can even commit fully to shitposting by giving your Presidente the new "Narcissist" trait.

It's an interesting mechanical take on modern politics - a space that's increasingly lost its traditional filters as gaffs are clipped instantly, "alternative" sources propagate and world leaders pop-off online. Hopefully, the play benefits offset the crassness of having your despotic avatar tagging "RealDonaldo" and "KimiUno". But then, that's a line Tropico's always had to straddle.

You can't just tweet (sorry, spit) your way into famous friends, though. Trust me, I've tried. Offline, the DLC offers rehab centres to help lure stars over to your nation, before you woo them into becoming permanent citizens. It feels a rather shallow vision of multi-millionaire behaviour, mind - unless there's a way to offer tax loopholes to prevent them contributing to, say, their country's healthcare service in a time of global outbreak.

Haven't checked if that's an option yet.

Tropico 6: Spitter is available on Steam at 15% off for £6.79/€8.49/$8.49.

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