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Trove's First Update Charts Rise Of The Shadow Tower

Shave your head bald

Trove [official site] smooshes together ideas from Minecraft and MMOs to create a colourful, frenetic, particle-effect-explosion of a game. That might be your thing or it might make you need to have a lie down, as it did ol' man Meer. If you're the former group: good news! The game's first update since launch was just released, and there's a video introducing it below.

If you're the latter group: weren't things much quieter and simpler when you were a boy?

Cover image for YouTube video

The name 'Rise of the Shadow Tower' refers to the main new location added to the game, a dungeon in which players must fight through successive floors of bosses to reach the top, where they will face the Daughter of the Moon. Who sounds lovely.

Meanwhile the full list of patch notes meanwhile outlines many other additions, including a new playable class and a fun-sounding spear weapon, and best of all, baldness. You can now get your hair shaved clean off in the game's barbershops.

I haven't played Trove, but when I watch videos of it I think it looks quite fun. These are my true feelings - and also if I keep saying it every day, I'll never grow old die.

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