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Two Point Campus' next expansion is a Two Point Hospital throwback, coming this month

I wouldn't trust these kids with my head transplant

Students tinker in a medical lab in a screenshot from Two Point Campus: Medical School
Image credit: Sega

Two Point Campus’ second major expansion pack is throwing things back to the first daft management game in the series, Two Point Hospital. Publishers Sega have announced that Two Point Campus: Medical School is coming on August 17th and it's shipping our students off to learn how to cure diseases, inject butts, and replace heads with lightbulbs. Seriously, check it out below.

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Two Point Campus: Medical School takes the game to different corners of Two Point County beginning with an idyllic lakeside area, before heading to a (hopefully dormant) volcano level, and then finally ending up with a band of pirates. Along with the new levels, the expansion adds six room types, more than 60 items, and two student specialisations: doctors and nurses.

Some diseases are also returning from Two Point Hospital, such as the very deadly “lightheadedness” and “brain farts” diagnoses. Whatever symptoms you think “brain farts” carry, the answer is yes. Clumsy mistakes? Uncontrollable word vomit? Literal green gas seeping out of ears? Check, check, check.

Healthcare is a risky business, though, so there are also some extra obstacles to face in addition to the fresh toys available to play with. Neglected patients can actually die and come back in ghost form, haunting your halls. But weirdly, your janitors then need to take on responsibilities way above their pay grade and work as ghostbusters. You can also accidentally burn the whole campus down, and emergencies can lead to massive patient influxes.

Our Ed said “it's rare to find a game that's as much of a pleasure to soak in as this one” in his Two Point Campus review, partly due to its chilled-out vibes and wacky nature. The new expansion might just stick a wrench in that relaxing machine, though.

Two Point Campus: Medical School expansion comes to all platforms for £9 on August 17th. The base game is also enjoying a 50% discount on Steam from now until August 11th.

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