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Two Point Campus' Space Academy expansion launches in December

Insert Tim Curry reference here

University sim Two Point Campus is shipping its students off out into the actual universe when the game’s first big expansion arrives on PC on December 6th. Space Academy adds new interplanetary campus locations, including a cheesy asteroid, along with more student archetypes, courses, and classrooms for your college. You can catch a glimpse of what’s ahead in the new term by watching the video below.

Cover image for YouTube videoTwo Point Campus: Space Academy | Announce Trailer
Two Point Campus' Space Academy DLC takes your college to the final frontier.

For DLC, Space Academy is as straightforward as it sounds. You’ll need to revamp Two Point County’s space programme from your base in the delightfully monikered Universe City, although the expansion does feature the aforementioned out-of-county campus on an asteroid that’s suspiciously fromage-friendly. Whichever location you’re at, you can add new room types such as the Command Room, which develops your cadets into budding Captain Kirks, and the Battle Space combat simulator. That one gives your students energy batons, which might not be a great idea.

It’s the extra-curricular activities that intrigue me about this expansion though. Devs Two Point Studios say you can host a sci-fi convention at the student union, invite a cosmic Elvis for a gig night, and join a time-travelling society. You’ll have the chance to enlist some appropriately spacey new students too, from astronauts and space knights to genuine aliens.

Ed had plenty of fun when he enrolled on the base game’s course for his Two Point Campus review earlier this year, but thought it was perhaps a little too chill for its own good. “Ultimately, the game's relaxed nature means that it's incapable of acknowledging any truly meaningful decisions you make,” he said. “You can create a campus that's aesthetically pleasing or release a deep sigh and slap one together that's more reminiscent of a prison that reeks of Febreze. Either one will satisfy the inspectors.”

Two Point Campus’ Space Academy expansion blasts off on Steam on December 6th for £9/$10/€10, as well as PlayStations and Xbox consoles. It’ll be landing on Nintendo Switch a wee bit later on December 12th.

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