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Two Point Hospital follow-up Two Point Campus is coming in May

It'll be on Game Pass too

After basically remaking Bullfrog sim Theme Hospital with their first game, Two Point Studios are preparing to return with a new comedy management game. Today they announced Two Point Campus will launch on the 17th of May, inviting us to build and run universities. All I need to know is that it seems one of the courses you can run involves cooking giant pizzas the size of a minibus. Is this real? Did I miss megapizza when I dropped out of university?

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Two Point Campus is another silly sim about building an institution and trying to keep it running and profitable despite foolishness. This time, it's a university, with silly rooms and courses. It looks familiar foundations with newness on top and yup, I'm interested.

Two Point Campus is coming May 17th to PC, Xboxes, PlayStations, and Nintendo Switch. It'll cost £35/€40/$40 on Steam or be covered by a Game Pass subscription.

A giant pizza oven in a Two Point Campus screenshot.
Seriously, big pizza! What is this course?

The co-founders of Two Point Studios worked on Theme Hospital back in the day, giving them a decent claim to making a 'spiritual successor' to Bullfrog's game. Nice to see them doing something a touch different now. Sega bought Two Point in 2019.

"It's a good'un," Nic Reuben said in our Two Point Hospital review. "Theme Hospital occupies a pretty special place in my gaming memories. The sense of relief and joy I got after my first hour with Two Point Hospital was palpable enough to turn into a pill, bottle, and then overcharge for. Plus, if they managed to wrangle this one, it means Two Point Dungeon isn't out of the realms of possibility..."

No, not Two Point Dungeon next, Nic. We've also called Two Point Hospital one of the best management games too. Or for more fun, Nate can explain "how Two Point Hospital taught me to relax using Freddie Mercury and a load of plants".

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