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Two Point Campus's Halloween update adds zombies, pumpkins and a new challenge mode

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'Tis the season to add zombies to your video game. Two Point Campus is the latest to get into the Halloween action with a new update, out now, which adds pumpkins, shambling undead, and a new challenge mode.

Here's a trailer for the update:

The challenge mode includes two themed events to overcome. In The Siege Of Noblestead, you need to deal with a swarm of zombies overruning your university. In Pumpkin High, a character named Nefaria Munch has turned the student body into pumpkin-headed followers. I'm honestly not sure if you're trying to turn them back or simply educating them in the way of gourds.

Elsewhere you'll find new customisation options to let staff and students dress up as werewolves, zombies and mummies, as well as decoration items to let you pepper campuses with cobwebs and spooky trees. It all sounds pretty light, but you'll find a full list of changes and bugfixes in the update post over on Steam.

Ed reviewed Two Point Campus for us and found it relaxing, forgiving, and jolly. It's nice its getting free updates like this. If you want a slightly more substantial zombie-themed management game, you'll have to pay money for Prison Architect's new Undead DLC.

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