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Ubisoft reveal co-op shooter Project U exists, with playtests planned

U for Ubisoft? Or U for unknown?

A mysterious new session-based co-operative shooter has been announced by Ubisoft, codenamed Project U. There aren’t many details to go on just yet, but the game is in the early stages of development and will hold closed playtests on PC in Western Europe. If you’re of an inquiring mind, and like hanging out with mates in shooter lobbies, then all you can do for the moment is register your interest.

Liam had a good time with Ubisoft's free-to-play skater Roller Champs.Watch on YouTube

“Codename "Project U" explores a new concept of session-based co-op shooter,” Ubisoft’s invitation to closed tests reads, “where many players unite to prevail against an overwhelming threat!” Judging by the artwork accompanying the page, you’ll be playing as an armoured and armed team up against a huge swarm of very angular-looking machines. I'm going to call them the Sporks. The machines, not the team.

Aliens? Invaders from the future? The Internet come alive? Whatever these spork-like creatures are, they’re a very fetching shade of hot pink. You can read a FAQ about Project Q's playtests and register for them over here.

Project U didn’t feature among the list of games in the works at Ubisoft that leaked from NVIDIA’s GeForce Now service this time last year. Neither is it the same game as Project Q, which I reported on back in April. Project Q is a MOBA, and Ubisoft definitely don’t want you to think it’s a battle royale. That one leaked so many times that Ubisoft just upped and announced the game, describing it simply as “FUN!”.

It’s still something of an enigma wrapped in a shooter, wrapped in an impending playtest for now, but I’ll let you know when I hear any more on Project U.

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