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Watch some pirate base infiltration from Underrail's upcoming expansion

Expidition underway

Post-apocalyptic RPG Underrail's [official site] big expansion, called Expedition, is not quite ready yet, but it's getting there. It was due to come out in the first half of this year but ended up delayed. Developers Stygian Software said in an update this week that they are still "working hard on getting all the content for the expansion done" and, to prove it, offer a new gameplay video featuring 9 minutes of action.

Cover image for YouTube video

Now, I've never played the base game, but this video alone is enough to pique my interest. The writing is rich, the ruins you're exploring are creepy, and the combat looks like it's trying to inject some new ideas into the genre.

The "bulk of the main quest" – which will pull the player down from the game's metroworld into an underground sea complete with jet skis, pirates, and lots of new items – is apparently finished, Stygian said this week. Still no firm word on when it will launch.

Back in May, Sin wrote that it aimed for the heights of the original Fallout, but ended up falling a way short. Here's what Sin said:

"There are people who enjoy Underrail, and I honestly envy them. I can't call them wrong, because I can see the germ of something great in it. It's as close as anything has come to recreating that world we lost to a sea of ironic trilbies and Pipboy bobbleheads, and it clearly aimed to innovate rather than merely imitate. But while its tone and aesthetic goes beyond the shallow iconography of Bethesda’s sequels, it gives me too few reasons to follow, and too many to stay inside the Vault."

Hopefully the expansion will give players more of a reason to stick around, then.

If you've been tracking the game then it's worth watching the video and having a look at how the expansion has turned out. For more details on everything that's new in Expedition, the game's dev log is a good resource. There's some cool jet ski gifs there, too, which is always a bonus.

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