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Buy Disco Elysium on GOG and get UnderRail for free

An isometric RPG double-whammy.

You don't need your deals herald to tell you that wordy isometric RPG Disco Elysium is finally a thing you can buy, did you know that to celebrate the release of ZA/UM's intriguing debut, GOG are giving away a free copy of Stygian Software's equally word isometric RPG UnderRail with every purchase? I thought not. Hurry, though, as this deal won't last for long. Read on for more details.

All you need to do is head to Disco Elysium's store page on GOG and buy the game like normal before 5pm UTC on October 22nd. After that, you'll just get Disco Elysium and no free UnderRail.

Our Alice B rather enjoyed her time with Disco Elysium, calling it "frequently brilliant" and "a very good game":

"It does deserve to be compared to yer Planescapes, yer Fallouts, even if it hasn’t stepped totally out from their long shadows," she said in her Disco Elysium review. "It’s a great, bleak rumination on the failings of humanity on a macro and micro level. But not without hope. A masterpiece, but flawed, and proof positive that if ZA/UM can do flawed masterpiece for their first outing, they might already be chipping away the flaws in time for their next."

As for UnderRail, Sin was slightly less enamoured with it when it first came out four years ago, but did say that "its tone and aesthetic goes beyond the shallow iconography of Bethesda’s sequels" and is "as close as anything has come to recreating that world we lost to a sea of ironic trilbies and Pipboy bobbleheads, and it clearly aimed to innovate rather than merely imitate."

Still, even if UnderRail isn't quite the second coming of Fallout, it is also completely free, so why spend £12 / $15-odd on it when you don't have to? Just remember to get Disco Elysium before October 22nd if you wish to partake of this isometric RPG double-whammy deal.

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