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Underrail: Expedition Expanding Post-Apocalyptic RPG

Not Sunless Sea

Post-apocalyptic isometric RPG Underrail [official site] will leave its sprawling metroworld to visit an underground sea in its first expansion next year, developers Stygian Software announced today. Underrail: Expedition is off to the Black Sea, a huge subterranean sea filled with pirates, strange wildlife, ancient ruins, and all the usual expansion merriment. I've heard good things about Underrail so heck, I'm glad for the reminder to check it out.

"There, among the old and mysterious ruins of an age long past, you'll face the vicious fauna, hostile natives, cunning pirates, and something far more sinister than all of those," Stygian said in the announcement. "Your voyage through vastness of the Black Sea will shed new light on the history of the world of Underrail and the forces that shaped it."

The expansion's story is joined onto the main game, rather than standalone, becoming available in the mid-game. It'll bring a new story, new quests, new factions, new enemies, new weapons, new items, new... new things. Expansion stuff. It'll also boost the level cap.

I know I told you in December that we'd have a Wot I Think of Underrail once we got back from our winter hols but, er, I don't know. Overly-boozed puddings and bottles of Baileys given by aunts were probably to blame. But in the interim, I've heard a lot of folks praise Underrail. Maybe you're one of them, and you can tell us all what we've missed?

Expedition is due in the first half of 2017. For now, Underrail is £9.99/14,19€/$14.99 on Steam and a bit more on GOG.

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