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Unexplored plunders Mines of Moryondor in free DLC

More dungeon, more crawling

Unexplored [official site], the splendid roguelikelike dungeon-crawler which Adam said "is almost certainly going to be one of my favourite games of the year", today received a free DLC adding a new challenge. Mithril Run's goal is to collect as much gold as you can in the dwarven mines of Moryondor, which keep some elements similar-ish between runs while others change more. Unexplorers can hit Steam to get it free.

Here's what developers Ludomotion say about Mithril Run:

"The Mines of Moryondor pose a new challenge for experienced dungeoneers. In this brand new, special run, you compete to collect as much gold as possible. The overall structure of the mines stays the same every run, but details and levels layouts change every time. Uncover the secrets of this abandoned dwarven mine over multiple runs, unlock and improve several characters, and climb Moryondor's hallowed hall of fame."

The Mechanic has taken a good look at Unexplored's dungeon generation. But this is creating something slightly different with a different aim. Ludomotion explain:

"The effect of this structure is that every new adventurer that braves the darkness of Moryondor will have a little more information to go on. But the information is imperfect: it is more like rumors and hearsay than an accurate treasure map.

"This means that past experience in Moryondor helps getting a good score. But skill and luck will factor into it in equal measures as well. This might not be the conventional way to go about high scores, but we think it will create an exciting experience, nonetheless."

Oh, and in the time since Adam told you all Wot He Thought of Unexplored, the game has received a swish UI overhaul. Now the menus are hidden when not wanted or needed, filling your screen with wonderful deadly dungeon. Look:

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