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Valheim Boar taming: How to tame Boar for infinite Leather and Meat

Learn how to tame wild Boars and breed them for maximum Meat and Leather

Want to learn all about boar taming in Valheim? Boar taming is both a fashionable trend and a useful way to obtain infinite Leather and Raw Meat in Valheim. This otherwise punishing survival game gives players the ability to tame and breed Boars - as long as you keep your piggies well fed! Learn how to do just that with our Valheim Boar taming guide, with extra tips on how to feed and care for your Boars.

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How to tame Boar in Valheim

Boar trapping

The first step in Boar taming is to find and trap one or multiple Boars. The easiest and best Boar trapping method in Valheim is to first build a pen out of wooden Roundpole Fences. It doesn't have to be huge, just a dozen or so fences. Leave a gap, because you'll need to lure a boar into the pen.

Once the pen is constructed, find a Boar and get it to attack you. Run back into the pen, then jump over the fence once the Boar has followed you inside. After that, quickly use your Hammer to place a final fence piece in the gap, to make sure the Boar can't escape.

Boar taming

So you've trapped the Boar, but now how do you tame it? To tame a Boar, all you need to do is feed it repeatedly, using either Mushrooms, Carrots, Raspberries, or Blueberries - you can find carrot seeds in the Black Forest biome, if you're low on supplies. Toss any of these morsels of food onto the ground in front of the Boar by clicking the food in your inventory and then clicking outside of the inventory window.

Toss the food over the fence and wait for the Boar to eat it. You'll see yellow hearts appear around the Boar as it feeds, and if you walk up close to it at this point, you'll see the status of the Boar is "acclimatizing", and there'll be a "Tameness" value which shows how close to tamed the Boar has become. Continue feeding the Boar over several days until that percentage reaches 100%, after which the Boar will be fully tamed.

A Valheim screenshot of a player standing outside a Boar pen, inspecting a Boar in the process of being tamed.

How to breed Boar in Valheim

To breed Boars in Valheim, you'll predictably need at least two Boars. So you'll need to repeat the above process to lure two Boars into the same pen and tame them both. After that, whenever you feed them, their status will change from "hungry" to "happy". Two happy Boars in close proximity can randomly choose to mate, producing a piggy which will, after some time, grow up to become a full adult Boar like its parents.

Thus begins the chain reaction. The more happy Boars you have in a pen, the greater the rate of new births, further increasing your Boar population. To prevent overpopulation, you can periodically cull your sounder of Boars, netting you a bunch of Raw Meat and Leather Scraps in the process. So as long as you keep your Boars fed, they'll produce for you an unending supply of Raw Meat and Leather - the latter can be used to craft second tier armour on a workbench.

Boar Levels (Stars) and selective breeding

You may have noticed that different beasts and enemies in Valheim can have higher-level variants, denoted by one or two gold stars next to their health bar. Higher level enemies are tougher and stronger, and drop more loot when killed.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage by selectively breeding boars so that you get more higher-level boars which give you more meat and leather:

  • If two boars of the same level breed, the offspring is guaranteed to be the same level as the parents
  • If two boars of different levels breed, the offspring level is randomly chosen between the two levels of the parents.

So, by introducing just one higher-level boar into the pen and taming it, you'll slowly get more higher level boars. And then they'll breed with one another for guaranteed boars of the same level. Selective breeding is rather smashing, eh?

Keeping your tame Boars fed, healthy, and happy

Tamed Boars eat the same food as Wild Boars - Mushrooms, Carrots, and berries. You should periodically approach your Boar pen and see if any of them have become hungry. If so, feed them. Lack of food will eventually result in death by starvation, so keep on top of your responsibilities here.

Wild and Tame Boars alike will become panicked by the proximity of fire, so be sure to keep them away from flames of all kinds.

That just about covers all our Valheim Boar related knowledge. If you're after more such wisdom, why not also check out our guide on the best tips and tricks to get started? Or consult our guide on dedicated servers, so you can farm boars with a friend. And now that you've successfully got an endless supply of Red Meat, it might be a good time to take on the game's toughest foes with our boss guide.

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