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Valheim has a first-person mod - and all games are better in first-person

Look through my eyes and tell me I'm wrong

I have not played Valheim yet, but it would be better in first-person - because all games are better in first-person. Thankfully there is now a mod that crams the survival game's usual third-person camera into the player's skull.

Released a few days ago, the first-person view mod for Valheim lets you zoom the camera inwards in order to trigger a first-person mode. The mod's description says that there are some issues around using shields and bows, but it's nothing game breaking, and fixes are in the works.

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You'll need the BepInExPack for Valheim installed first. It's a set of tools and libraries for allowing modding of Unity games, and it's what makes Valheim mods possible in lieu of official support. Both of those links lead to install instructions as well as download links, and it's straight forward.

Valheim in first-person moves it one step closer to why the game interests me: it looks a bit like my beloved Wurm Online. Wurm is a first-person survival game first released in 2006, and continually updated since, which is awkward and ugly to play but which once fostered friendly, cooperative communities around buiding villagees together in a bucolic landscape. Screenshots of Valheim take me back to my days right-clicking on trees 30 times to bring up context sensitive menus so I could get enough wood to help construct a soup kitchen or a forestry office.

(Videos of Valheim make me extremely glad it's not 2006 anymore.)

Also, I mean it when I say that all games are better in first-person. I don't ever want to look at the back of a character's head. Real-time strategy games are actually viewed through the eyes of a very tall man looking down.

I haven't been back to Wurm Online in years, though in 2016 Brendy wrote one of our best ever features about its last king. And if you, like me, are thinking of trying out Valheim, then you might want to first check out our Valheim building guide.

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