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Valheim has sold 6.8 million copies now

Which technically puts it behind our predictions

Back when Valheim had sold 3 million copies, we put together a totally legitimate and expert chart predicting how the survival game's sales would continue.

We predicted that it would have sold 6.8 million copies by around the 4th of March, which means today's announcement that it has now sold that many copies technically puts it behind schedule.

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The figure was released as part of Embracer Group's earnings report. Embracer are the Swedish conglomerate that owns Valheim publisher Coffee Stain. They also say they expect the game to sell a further 1-1.2 million copies this quarter, which would put it at 8 million sales by the end of June.

In the same report, Embracer also said they were in "late-stage talks" about acquiring more game studios. They already own Deep Silver, THQ Nordic, Gearbox and dozens of others.

Valheim's developers, meanwhile, continue to work towards the game's first major update, Hearth And Home. They provided a little teaser for it a few weeks ago, but haven't laid down details of what it'll contain or when it'll be ready.

I suppose there's no reason to rush an update when the game continues to sell so well. Valheim is no longer being talked about by everyone, everywhere, all the time, but it still has 33,000 concurrent players at the time of writing, making it among the most popular games on Steam. If you're one of the folks who has bought it recently, check out our collection of Valheim tips.

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