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Valheim Moder location: how to summon and defeat Moder

How to find, summon, and defeat Moder

Wondering where to find and defeat Moder in Valheim? Moder the Dragon Queen is the fourth boss in the survival sandbox, and a highly dangerous adversary if you go into the battle unprepared. But even getting to that point is a challenge: first you have to vanquish the previous three bosses before finding and summoning Moder in Valheim's map.

Our Valheim Moder boss fight guide will walk you through exactly how to locate Moder's Mystical Altar, how to summon her, and how to defeat her and reap the rewards of her unique loot drops.

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Valheim Moder boss location

Like all the Valheim bosses, Moder the Dragon Queen can only be summoned into the world at specific Mystical Altars. Each Mystical Altar belongs to a different Forsaken boss, and to find the location of Moder's Altar you need to find a Vegvisir - a glowing red runestone like the one at spawn, which will mark the map with Moder's summoning location.

Because Moder's favoured biome is the Mountains, you'll have to look in the Mountains to find her particular Vegvisir runestones. These stones are always found around old structures, so roam the Mountains until you find a stone tower or other structure and then explore in and around it to see if you can find a red runestone.

How to summon Moder in Valheim

Once you've found and reached Moder's Mystical Altar, you'll need to summon her in order to fight her. To summon Moder, you need to place 3 Dragon Eggs in the three bowls at the centre of the Altar. This must be done by placing the Dragon Egg on your hotbar and then hitting the corresponding number key while your cursor is over the bowl.

Dragon Eggs are found in Drake nests in the Mountains. They're large, glowing purple eggs, and they each have a weight of 200, which means you'll need to return them to the Altar in three trips.

Once you've placed them in the Altar bowls, Moder will be summoned and the boss fight will begin.

A Valheim screenshot of a Dragon Egg, glowing purple against the white snow of the surrounding Mountain terrain.
A screenshot of a Dragon Egg in a Drake nest in the Mountains. You'll need to carry three of these back to Moder's Mystical Altar to summon her.

Valheim Moder boss fight walkthrough

Moder is a giant black and white dragon whose attacks lie in the realm of frost and ice, along with the more standard swiping attacks with her claws. She can also fly, because, well, she's a dragon.

While flying she'll occasionally let loose a volley of ice attacks which turn into ice spikes upon impact with the ground. You can fairly easily dodge these by sprinting sideways when you see Moder rear her head to initiate the attack.

Her other main attack is an ice breath attack which will funnel outwards in a cone from her mouth. She'll only use this attack while on the ground, and again it's fairly straightforward to spot and avoid just by running to the side.

The only other noteworthy tool in her arsenal is a swipe attack if she manages to close the distance between you. Once again, this attack is very clearly telegraphed with a long animation, so just roll out of the way or otherwise get some distance from her as she's winding up.

Full Wolf Armor is obviously a must-have for this fight as it takes place in the Mountains. I'd also recommend a Draugr Fang bow and a couple stacks of arrows, either Fire or the highest pure-damage arrows you can get your hands on. Moder's a tanky dragon, so the fight may take a little while, but her attacks are fairly easy to avoid so just play it careful and safe and you'll be fine.

Moder Forsaken Power & loot drops

When Moder dies she'll drop her head as a Trophy to take back to spawn, and several Dragon Tears. These Dragon Tears are of great importance so make sure you pick them all up. Dragon Tears are used in the creation of Artisan Tables, a type of crafting station which allows you to place down Spinning Wheels, Blast Furnaces, and Windmills.

As for Moder's Trophy, bring it back to spawn and place it on the hook on the fourth stone in the circle; then interact with the stone to unlock Moder's Forsaken Power. This power enables you to always have a tailwind while sailing, which makes sailing on any raft much easier and faster.

And there you have it: four bosses down, one more to go. If you've struggled with any of the steps to defeat Moder, consider using one of the cheats found in our cheats guide. For any more advice on Valheim be sure to check out our comprehensive tips and tricks page.

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