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Valheim patch fixes missing tombstones and phantom smoke deaths

Less insult to injury for your vikings

Viking survival game Valheim is having quite a moment. The early access adventure has managed to sell over 2 million copies in its first two weeks, which means over 2 million vikings finding and reporting bugs. Valheim released a new patch today to solve a few such issues including vanishing tombstones and deadly phantom hearths.

Valheim's update 0.145.6 is out today. It's a relative short list of big fixes but solves what seem to be a few potentially gnarly issues.

One is "extra tombstone checks (to prevent them from disappearing)" referring to the place that your loot will be stashed when you die. Like other survival craft 'em ups, Valheim makes you trek back to the spot that you died to retrieve your belongings. Players on had reported finding that their tombstones had vanished from existence, and all that gear along with it.

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Another fix on the list is "hearth smoke building fix". That one seems to be related to the issue players have reported with overeager hearths in building mode. As Ollie explains in our Valheim building tips, smoke can accumulate in buildings if you don't properly vent them, which will do damage to your character. That makes enough sense. What makes less sense is that this could happen with a hearth that you're attempting to build but haven't placed yet. The phantom fireplace could smoke up your house before it even exists.

I've not jumped into Valheim just yet, but I know I'll be an avid builder when I do, and an indecisive one at that. I can absolutely see myself keeling over while scratching my head over the perfect hearth placement. Ta for fixing that up before I arrive, Iron Gate.

You can catch the rest of the fixes in Valheim's patch notes including several save system changes.

With that hearth issue sorted, you can get back to work tinkering with your base. Check out RPS's Valheim tips for some advice on how to get going.

Valheim is in early access over on Steam where Iron Gate are planning to continue development for at least a year.

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