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Valheim players built a roller coaster and I would like a go please

I'll pay for my ticket in copper ore

Viking survival game Valheim is home to some impressive player builds, one of which has made me eternally jealous. But there's a new one in town, and it too, has me hankering to pay a visit. For one clan have built a longboat roller coaster that starts atop of a mountain, and it is quite something.

A brave clan by the name of "Deppentreff" have constructed a ramp that runs down a mountain, curls round some trees, and leads straight into the river below. The idea being, that you spawn a longboat at the roller coaster's peak, sit inside it, then let gravity do the rest.

Here's a dramatic video showing it in action:

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Despite the longboat's clear discomfort as it races down the ramp, it's super impressive how Deppentreff Constructions, as I'm now calling them, have made it so the boat doesn't disintegrate entirely. And, of course, the fact it rounds the corner without a hitch.

Alright, yes, it may not be a full-blown roller coaster complete with peaks and troughs and loops. But without electricity, hydraulics, and whatever else, I doubt it's possible to make Alton Tower's Nemesis, or Smiler, or *checks Google* Galactica - a flying roller coaster?! On their Reddit post, one commenter actually asked if they'd tried building a loop, but Deppentreff said they'd attempted it, but the boat "lost too much speed on a small ramp".

Who knows, maybe they could pull off a loop-the-loop by building a truly ridiculous mega-ramp in the sky, reminiscent of the Valheim player who discovered that the sea was made of trampoline. Could this be the collab the Viking age has been waiting for?

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