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Valheim repair guide: how to repair tools and items

Here's how to repair broken tools and buildings in Valheim

How do you repair tools and items in Valheim? Repairing tools and items in Valheim is one of the things that the game's tutorial is rather lax on explaining. Learn how to repair broken tools, weapons, and armour with our quick and clear Valheim repair guide!

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How to repair tools in Valheim

In Valheim, tools such as axes, pickaxes, and even your weapons and armor have a durability meter which is lowered every time it's used. If it reaches zero durability, the item will break. It won't disappear from your inventory, but it will be unusable until you repair it at a Workbench.

Here's how to repair tools in Valheim:

  1. Gather wood to create a Workbench with your Hammer tool.
  2. Your Workbench needs a roof, so craft wooden walls and roof tiles around and above it.
  3. Once you can interact with the Workbench, click the highlighted hammer icon to the left of the Workbench panel to repair each of your damaged items one by one, for free!

That's right - as long as you have a usable Workbench nearby, you can repair your tools for free whenever you like. They don't have to be fully broken either: you can repair any tool that doesn't have a full durability meter.

How to repair building parts in Valheim

Repairing buildings in Valheim is even easier than repairing tools. All you need to do is equip your Hammer, right-click to open up the building menu and select the Hammer tool icon in the top-left corner.

Now that the Hammer is set to repair mode, just walk up to the building part that needs repairing (you'll know if it's damaged because a little bar will appear next to your reticule denoting its health, or durability), and left-click to repair it. As with repairing tools, this costs you no materials at all, so you can do it as much as you like, but you do need to be within a Workbench's area of effect to repair building parts.

It's worth taking a look at the health of each of the parts of your home every so often. Wooden building parts in particular can get damaged over time without you realising, because whenever it rains any wooden part that isn't covered with a roof tile will have its health slowly stripped away until it is destroyed. So keep that Hammer handy! For more information, be sure to check out our Valheim building guide, which talks about building decay, structural integrity, and much more.

How to repair a boat or cart in Valheim

Repairing a cart or a boat of any kind in Valheim works in exactly the same way as repairing a building part. All you need to do is click on it with the Hammer tool while the Hammer is set to repair mode.

Again, you can only do this while you are standing in the area of effect of a Workbench, so it's a good idea to build a dock or a station of some sort so that you have a dedicated repair point for your vehicle, whether it's a cart, a raft, or a longship.

That's it for this Valheim repair guide. Now why not head over to our guide on how to set up a Valheim dedicated server so you can play Valheim with your friends?

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