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Valheim's Hearth & Home update will let you vomit all your tasty new foods

It's for a good reason, I swear

As we learned last week thanks to that snazzy animated trailer, viking action craft 'em up Valheim is summoning its major Hearth & Home update in September. We've gotten teasers on quite a bit of the update's features over the past couple months—from new building pieces to special treasure chests, and more. The latest detail is that you'll be able to vomit. Yes, that's actually a thing you might want to do on purpose. Iron Gate demonstrate your nasty new ability in a quick developer update.

In Valheim, food grants bonuses like extra health, stamina, and resistances that you really don't want to go without. You won't ever starve to death, but going into battle, or heck even on a light stroll, is pretty dangerous without the right meal prep. The trouble is, you can't just infinitely stack boosts forever because your viking's stomach can only hold so much. If you need to trade one set of food-based buffs for another, the new Bukeberries will let you evacuate some space, as Iron Gate show off in a new video.

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We've already learned that Hearth & Home will add a lot more foods. That'll likely mean even more specific combinations that you'll want prepared for different tasks. When an exploration mission accidentally turns into a dungeon diving expedition, you may want to get rid of those stamina buffs in favor of some extra health.

Iron Gate also outline how they separated out meats based on whether they came from wolves, boar, or deer. Between that, the Bukeberries, a bunch of new recipes, and all, it's a lot. My only worry, given all this, is that I'm quickly going to find my pockets stacked with snacks and have no room left for loot.

Iron Gate have done a couple other quick videos recently explaining things coming in Hearth & Home, including changes to shields.

Valheim's Hearth & Home update is arriving on September 16th with all those changes and more.

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