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Valorant: How to level up your Battle Pass fast

Here's how to rank it up.

Valorant’s Battle Pass offers a free and premium track, so anyone who plays can earn some lovely cosmetic rewards, and those who want more can fork out some cash for even more.

To get hold of these goodies, you’ll need to play games and earn XP. Of course, you can simply play and steadily unlock them, but what if you want to race to a particular skin fast? Well, you’ll need to pay attention to Missions, namely Daily and Weekly ones.

Below we’ll give you a rundown on how to get hold of Battle Pass rewards fast.

Valorant: How to level up your Battle Pass fast

In the most simple terms, you’ll simply need to play the game. However, you’ll want to pay particular attention to Missions which’ll significantly increase the amount of XP you can earn throughout a week.

Complete Daily and Weekly Missions

At the beginning of each week, you’ll get three Weekly Missions to complete. These all offer 10,200 XP or 12,000 XP upon completion, and often boil down to purchasing shields, using Ultimates, or getting headshots - simple stuff you’ll achieve naturally as you play.

Each day there are also three Daily Missions to complete, which will rotate every 24 hours. These offer 2,000 XP and are significantly less taxing. Again, you’ll need to get eliminations, purchase abilities, or the like.

To increase your XP gains, you’ll want to login each day and complete these Daily Missions. What’s more, do make sure you target Weekly Missions completion. We’ve found the new game mode Spike Rush to be particularly useful for specific Missions as it’s rapid-fire round format means you’ll play a tonne of matches in quick succession.

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