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Valorant: How to play Jett

Here's our guide to help you get to grips with this agent.

If your playstyle is someone who's a fan of throwing knives and quick ninja-like movements, Jett is the agent for you. She’s one of the most agile of the bunch and has plenty of tools to hinder vision, as well as - quite literally - lift yourself above the competition.

Below we’ll explain how Jett’s abilities work and provide some tips to help you make the most of them.

How to play Jett

Glide (Passive)

This means whenever Jett’s midair you can press and hold [Space] to glide slowly towards the ground.

First off, this is great for avoiding fall damage. Next, it goes nicely with your other abilities as a means to hang in the air while wielding your kunai, peeking angles, and more.

Cloudburst [C] (100 Credits)

This is a smoke grenade which’ll pop as soon as it connects with a surface. You can also curve it’s path by moving your mouse in a particular direction. One thing to note is it’s duration - unlike Brimstone’s smokes, these don’t last long at all.

As with most smokes, this is great for blocking chokepoints, delaying pushes, and as an escape tool. If you’re super confident, you can use it as a smoke screen to dash through. If you’ve successfully judged the distance of the dash, you’ll emerge behind your enemies and have just enough time to finish them off before they can flick to your head.

Updraft [Q] (200 Credits)

Activate this ability and you’ll boost into the air. It’s a great tool for getting up to high spots when defending sites, pushing aggressively, or even lurking.

We’ve found it particularly useful if you’re blocked by smoke grenades or Sage walls. You can simply boost over them for a quick peek, or if you’ve got a wall in the way, you can jump on top of it to take your enemy by surprise.

Updraft also comes in handy if there’s a molotov in the way. You can simply hop over it’s fiery radius!

You can also combine Updraft with your smokes to create some long distance cover, or your dash to fly over your opponents.

Tailwind [E] (2 Kills for Refresh)

This is an instant dash in the direction you’re moving. It’s worth noting that it takes a while to whip your gun out after you’ve dashed, so we wouldn’t recommend dashing into enemies.

Instead, we’ve found it’s best used as a repositioning tool. Dart into smokes, escape if you’re losing a duel, or take enemies by surprise as you push onto a site a little faster than expected.

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Blade Storm [X] (6 Orbs)

Upon activation you’ll draw a handful of kunai which are ‘pixel perfect’, meaning they have no travel time and aren’t affected by movement. This means you can run, jump, whatever, and if you click on a target it’ll hit them instantly with perfect accuracy.

In addition, they provide one hit headshots from any distance, and upon any kill, your kunai will refresh.

If you left click you’ll fire one kunai, but if you right click you’ll send out a few at once but it’ll be less accurate and have greater spread.

This ability is fantastic when combined with your other abilities as you can float and dash around while flinging knives and you’ll still be lethal. In effect, you’ll be the only player in the game who can run and gun at the same time without your accuracy being ridiculously hindered.

If you’re playing a save round it’s worth popping this ability to increase your chances of picking up a kill - plus, you won’t have to buy a gun.

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