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Valorant: How to play Raze

Raze your game.

Raze doesn’t provide much utility for her team to work with, but focuses more on her own KDA. She’s all about making life difficult for the enemy with explosive splash damage, whether it be with a hefty chunk of C4 or an enormous rocket launcher - she hits hard.

Below we’ll run you through her abilities and how to make the most of them.

How to play Raze

Boom Bot [C] (200 Credits)

Raze equips and sends out a Boom Bot (looks like a roomba, so we call it a roomba) that travels in a straight line until it meets with a surface, at which point it’ll bounce off and move in the opposite direction. It’ll do this for a little while, but if it doesn’t detect anything it’ll break down without creating an explosion.

If your Boom Bot detects an enemy, it’ll lock on, gain movement speed, and chase the target for a little while. If it connects, it’ll explode and deal massive damage. However, enemies can destroy your bot by shooting it, or running away successfully until it breaks down. Both of these options won’t cause the bot to explode.

Mostly, the Boom Bot acts as a nice scouting tool. You can pop it down so it’ll bounce through narrow corridors, into rooms, or around bomb sites to gather information on enemy positions. Even if it gets destroyed, at least you’ll know there’s someone knocking around nearby. Plus, if you catch where the bullets came from, you’ll know roughly where they are positioned.

You can also pop the Boom Bot down to prevent enemy pushes, flush out targets, or even to create a little diversion while your team rushes a totally different bomb site.

Blast Pack [Q] (100 Credits)

Activate this ability and you’ll throw a C4 which’ll stick to surfaces until you detonate it , or it times out.

Detonate your Blast Pack and it’ll deal moderate AoE damage, plus, it’ll shift agents hit in the opposite direction to the initial blast.

The Blast Pack doesn’t hurt Raze, so you can chuck it under your feet and detonate to boost yourself up to high spots - a very useful feature indeed.

We’ve found it’s particularly good for chucking into a small room and detonating quickly to damage enemies hunkered down inside.

Paint Shells [E] (200 Credits)

Raze chucks a cluster grenade that explodes into three smaller explosions after a small delay.

You can left click to quickly throw the grenade in a straight line, while right click hurls it upwards in a lob-type fashion.

Definitely one of Raze’s strongest abilities, this is yet another explosive which can be thrown into corridors, onto bomb sites, through chokepoints, or directly at enemies to deal big damage. It’s great for starting pushes, delaying pushes, nabbing picks, and is just supremely versatile.

Watch on YouTube

Video by Ron Rambo Kim

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Showstopper [X] (6 Orbs)

You’ll whip out a rocket launcher that fires a rocket which’ll start off a little slow, but pick up speed after a short delay. Once it hits a surface, it’ll explode dealing massive AoE damage.

It’s a pretty straight forward ability which means it doesn’t necessarily have a tonne of uses. We’ve found it’s pretty strong if you fire it in the general direction of a push, and works nicely if you’ve spotted a bunch of enemies on the map with Sova or Cypher’s recon abilities.

If you suspect an enemy is hiding in a narrow space, again, just fire this in and they’ll get caught up in the explosion.

As you're vulnerable rounding a corner, you can chuck your C4 ahead of you, run over it, explode it, activate your ult at the same time, and you'll fly round the corner which'll make you much harder to hit. Plus, all you'll have to do is left click to pick up the kill - just make sure you aren't too close yourself!

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