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Valorant: When does the Closed Beta end?

Here's when it ends for good.

In a Summer Game Fest Geoff Keighley special, Riot Games announced it’s launching Valorant on June 2nd - a lot sooner than everyone expected. It tentatively gave a “Summer 2020” release date, but we certainly didn’t think it would arrive until August or September. Either way, we’re not complaining.

There is one pressing question for those playing in the Closed Beta right now - when will the Closed Beta end? And what else is happening between now, launch, and when it arrives? We’ve got all the answers for you below.

When does Valorant’s Closed Beta end?

Valorant’s Closed Beta ends on May 28th. This is so Riot has time to patch all the new content into the game before it officially launches on June 2nd.

So, at the time of writing there’s roughly a week left before the servers go down for the big reset.

Does anything from the Closed Beta carry over?

Special Closed Beta rewards will carry over, and if you’ll get back all the RP you used to purchase cosmetic items from the in-game store with an added 20% bonus on top.

That’s it - everything else is being reset. This means your rank, your Agent progress, all of this will be back to square one.

What’s arriving with Valorant’s official launch?

Thanks to Riot’s official announcement, we know there’s plenty of new stuff coming on launch day. Here’s what’s dropping:

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  • New Agent
  • New Map
  • New Game Mode
  • New cosmetics
  • More servers for greater stability
  • Better tools for reporting disruptive behaviour
  • Bug fixes, tweaks, and the like

Riot’s remaining pretty tight lipped on further details, but rest assured we’ll update the site with all the latest news when it arrives. Stay tuned!

To help you get up to speed with Valorant before its big day, make sure you have a glance at our Best Agents page, as well as our Best Guns guide. Of course, we've got plenty more in our Valorant section, so don't be afraid to get stuck in - we hope you find them helpful!

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