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Valorant's first Ultra Edition skins transform your guns into dragons

Better drag your wallet out for this one.

Riot Games has announced Valorant’s first set of Ultra Edition weapon skins due to be available in the store on Friday 10th July. The set is called ‘Elderflame’ and features four dragon themed gun skins, a fiery knife skin, a card, gun buddy, and spray.

Judging by the trailer, the Vandal, Frenzy, Judge, and Operator will all feature in the bundle.

How much money do you have to shell out? An individual skin will set you back 2,475 VP while the complete set will cost 9,900 VP.

Given how you can only purchase VP in specific bands, this means you’ll need to spend £34.99 for 4,000 VP if you want to get an individual skin. For the complete Elder Flame bundle, you’ll need to spend £99.99 to get hold of 12,000 VP.

Sure, it’s not cheap, but this isn’t your typical skin line with static artwork. Stick one of these on your guns and it’ll transform them into unique, fully animated dragons which spit fireballs as you squeeze the trigger, or crane their necks, look you dead in the eyes, and wheeze puffs of smoke if you miss a shot.

We’ve got a particular soft spot for the flaming knife (it’s a flaming knife!) and the special final kill animation which conjures a dragon’s head to char the corpse of the poor soul you clutched against.

If you want to improve at Valorant, make sure you have a glance at our Valorant guides section. There's plenty of advice on how to play each Agent, how to better your aim, and more.

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