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Valve revamps Steam charts with real-time top sellers and most played hubs

Look out, SteamDB

Steam now has a fancy charts section that shows the top selling and most played games in real time. If you want a broader picture of what’s trending on Valve’s storefront then you can check out the new weekly rankings of top sellers, along with the top new releases each month. It’s a useful way of seeing what’s trending across the platform if you’re really into that kind of thing.

Steam Deck's been at the top of the charts for weeks, but is it any good?Watch on YouTube

You can check out the new charts here, which replace the site’s old stats page. It’s quite a handy little set up, showing a tally of peak players and how many are online right dang now. Dive into the top sellers chart and you can see the top 100 games listed by revenue. There’s an option to filter by country or set it to show global sales, if you like. Valve say their new method of calculating revenue from top sellers, including DLC and in-game purchases, will filter through to the homepage, genre and tags pages.

The most played section shows another top 100, which you can filter by daily or current player counts. Having a flip through the weeklies shows that Steam Deck’s still holding steady there at the top, as they show the number of weeks something’s charted for and any changes. The monthly charts are a bit less dry to read, featuring some interesting categories for each month. July, for example, has a section highlighting games from Japanese studios.

There’s a few different events happening on Steam at the moment that might be helping to shuffle things up and down the new-fangled charts. As I reported yesterday, strategy convention TactiCon just kicked off and wraps up on the 26th. Steam Bash Bash began earlier on in the week and ends on the 25th, which Graham noted on Tuesday. That’s a themed sale concentrating on hack-and-slash and character action games.

In other Steamly news, the next, erm, Steam Next Fest begins on October 3rd and runs until the 10th. That’ll kick off at 6pm BST/7pm CEST/10am PST. Prepare yourself for demos.

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