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Vampire Survivors is getting even more reasons why you should absolutely play it

The 1.5 update brings a chaotic level, deadly paintings, and more

RPS' coveted game of the year 2022, Vampire Survivors, is getting another update, which means there are now even more reasons why you should play this game if you haven't already. Like, seriously. The big 1.5 Overwhelming Update brings with it new brain-overloading shenanigans which you can see in the trailer below, first revealed at the PC Gaming Show. Oh yeah, and the update is available today (June 11th)!

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This next free update brings an entirely new level: The Astral Stair. A never-ending stream of endless corridors complete with flying paintings that want to kill you. There's also a new character form for everyone's favouirte bear Yatta Cavallo, as well as an upgrade for their Cherry Bomb attack. If you're after a fun new pick-up, you're in luck. GoldFinger is a new item that starts a special event making you more powerful and invincible for a set ammount of time - the more enemies you defeat during this golden time, the better your score and the better the prize.

My favourite addition in the update is a new mode that adds a spinning wheel to the corner of your screen, triggering random events every minute. The magical spinning wheel of doom and death (my name for it, not the official one) can throw a majorly chaotic spanner in the works, deciding what the next wave of enemies will be as well as other "misfortunes" your hero is subjected to.

Sounds like a riot. The update is available today for free over on Steam.

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