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Vampire Survivors' Tides Of The Foscari DLC is out

With 13 new weapons

Part of the fun of Vampire Survirors lies in discovering new weapons and items, and knowing that there are still surprises to uncover as you construct your monster murder machine. That thrill fades as complete more runs and reach the game's edges, but its DLCs are so far doing a good job of creating new, uncharted territory. The latest, Tides Of The Foscari, is out now.

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Tides Of The Foscari is set in a folkloric western European woodland filled with demi-humans, spirits and murderous angels, and has at its centre a magic school populated by witches, warriors and thieves. It has 8 characters and 13 weapons with which to fight these new foes. The weapons include Eskizzibur, Flash Arrow, SpellString and Prismatic Missile - but what those actually do is left to discover yourself.

The expansion costs $2/£1.59, although there's a 10% launch discount at the time of writing. You can buy it in a bundle owith the base game and the previous DLC, Legacy Of The Moonspell, for a bank-breaking £5.15. That's a great price for the game we named as our favourite from 2022 and that won a BAFTA last month.

It seems there will be new Vampire Survivors DLC for a long time to come, as its developer said they're unlikely to make a sequel.

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