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Vanu Beginnings: PlanetSide 2 Officially Open To All

Do you have plans for this evening? Do you have plans for any evening in the next, um, forever? Well, cancel them, because it's time for war. RPS wants you - yes, you, with the hair and/or complete lack of it - to enlist today and help us fight the good fight for all that is free and purple in PlanetSide 2. Can you do that? Can we count on you? Because we don't have the budget for a bunch of rah-rah-rah propaganda posters and videos. Sometimes, instead of eating food, we just eat pictures of food. But we do have this launch trailer. Well, for now, anyway. I can't promise I won't eat it.

Watch on YouTube

Boomcrashpowrattattattattawhambamthankyouma'am. But, in spite of all the tank-bopping and bullet-barfing, PlanetSide 2 is actually an exceedingly complex beast of a game. Not only that, it's stupidly ambitious for something that is - in large part - completely free. That said, it's also a wee bit rough-around-the-edges, but SOE's been applying heaping gobs of polish for launch, so now's the hour of truth.

So then, will the massive, definitely-not-passive shooter realize its full vision, or will it miss the mark? Let's find out! Together. RPS has multiple creatively named Outfits, and it's like they say: you're either with us, against us, or part of another party that has zero notable effect on us. So jump in. Take a side. SOE's website or on Steam - pick your poison. Do it - if not for the pun threads of today, then for the face memes of tomorrow.

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