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Vaulting and climbing are coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds test servers next week

Start stretching

Good news, PUBG-pals, the wait for vaulting and climbing is almost over! No longer will you get stuck on a fence as your squad points and laughs at your inability to just jump over it like a person. The feature isn’t quite ready for the live version of the early access game, but you’ll be able to take it for a spin in the new 1.0 test servers next week. Also up for testing are client and server optimisation, a ballistics overhaul and changes to driving.

This is just the first of the 1.0 test versions, so the devs warn that there will be issues and bugs that have yet to be fixed. Who cares? We can just climb over them.

Action and gunplay lead Pawel Smolewski explains how the system works in the update:

This feature enables in-game characters to quickly scale obstacles in front of them. Although we initially planned to allow crossing over structures which are up to 1 meter high, we have eventually decided to extend the functionality of the feature by increasing the limit to about 2.3 meters. Almost any static object that meets the dimension criteria can be scaled. Additionally, passing through openings in structures (such as windows) is possible as long as they are wide and tall enough. You may scale almost any static object which is short enough. Objects which are chest level high can be scaled with a weapon in hand. Taller structures that require pulling up to vault need to be performed with both hands free of any items (they will be holstered automatically when animation is played). Running towards the obstacle will generate momentum that will ensure faster motion. Performing the action from stationary position is also possible but the animation played will be slower, leaving players vulnerable for a longer period of time.

Expect more details when the patch notes are posted early next week.

PUBG Corp also touches on cheating in the update post. The team has been analysing data from a big pool of users with abnormal gameplay behaviour, and they’ve been using this data to create a system that helps to identify cheaters. The system is now operational, and by using it the developers have managed to ban around 20,000 players in a single day, they say. They're also working to make identifying problem players faster and more easily.

Keep an eye out for the test version next week. Maybe we can talk Matt into doing a Playstyle Royale where his only tools are his preternaturally good climbing ability and nothing else.

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