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Very Disco: Hitman Absolution

Somehow, this is the first official in-game footage of Hitman: Subtitle which has been released to the hungry eyes of the public. Feast, feast!

As Adam worried in his preview t'other week, old 47 doesn't appear to be quite so silent an assassin as he once was, but it's good to see he's still playing fancy dress in between punching people and shooting people and throwing people and choking people.

Cover image for YouTube video

Well, that was far too short. Also, is 47 Batman now?

There was at least a hint of hiding in there though, so hopefully us old, moany men will be able to play it as a relatively stealthy game. I don't get the sense it's going to be like the oddball, bravura ingenuity of Hitman: Blood Money, however. Now there is a game. It's way past time I replayed it. To be honest, I'm not even sure IO could possibly surpass it - which might go some way to justifying why they're taking 47 in a new, grimdarkier direction.

Update! I am pointed at the following 17 minutes of Hitman Subtitle (thanks, Sky):

Cover image for YouTube video

That, er... that sure ain't Blood Money, is it? I didn't realise 47 had a cameo in the next Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC. Stick with it though - around the 11 minute mark things start to become a little more like 'our' Hitman, albeit with more cutscenery. Also, donuts. Great ending, too - that telltale mind-tickle of excitement is now upon me.

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