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Videoverse's fictional video game magazines are the stuff of dreams

All hail the publishing companies brave enough to put a visual novel on the front cover

A fictional video game magazine from Videoverse, showing Feudal Fantasy on the cover
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Kinmoku

As a liker, consumer and person who used to work in print media, I always get a thrill out of seeing things like books in games, DVD shelves, magazines, you name it. If it's a bit of video game set dressing that has a legible spine with words on it, I will absolutely scrutinise it to the nth degree. Videoverse, the excellent homage to early 00s internet forums and Nintendo's Miiverse that came out earlier this week, doesn't have spine-filled book shelves, per se, but throughout the game you will see a collection of game magazines piling up on Emmett's desk, and readers, let me tell you, they are a delight.

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