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Warband: The Forsooth Saga

Gird up your loins noble squires, I'm issuing a call to arms! The multiplayer regions of horse 'n' biff game Mount & Blade: Warband are just begging for a band of RPS' merriest men (and women) to take to the field and win the favour of comely maidens (and... mendens?) Yes, that's right, we're looking to set up an RPS Warband warband, and we need your help. More details below.

After a few days in the Warband public multiplayer lists I'm convinced a well organised company of free lances could smite a goodly blow to the rabble of hoe-wielding farmers which are in general their inhabitants. I intend to form such a band, develop with them such martial art as may be required, and then go to war!

If you are, or aim to be a Warbandeer, and are interested in developing some strategies, then sign up below. We plan to discuss the effectiveness of our battle-tactics in future posts, along with splendid diagrams, with a view to creating some kind of Sun Tzu-ish Art Of Warband textbook for aspiring knights. You should join us.

We'll be organising this (and unless anyone cares to donate a Teamspeak server, the voice comms) through a Steam group, so head to and sign up.

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