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Warzone Hunt for Adler challenges walkthrough - how to get intel and unlock the new Adler skin

Plus all the Hunt for Adler rewards.

The Warzone Caldera Season 3 update has added Hunt for Adler, a limited-time opportunity to unlock a bunch of new cosmetic items and learn more about the lore of Verdansk. You’ll have to traverse the Warzone map in order to find all kinds of new goodies, rescuing Adler from the nefarious clutches of the amazingly over-the-top evil torturer-kidnapper, Stitch. Here’s how to complete Hunt for Adler.

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How to complete the Farms contract

To unlock the Farms contract, you’ll need to head to the Farmland area of the map and seek out the Adler contract. It should show up on the map like any other contract in the game, but the icon for it is a silhouette of Adler with his cool shades on.

Like all the Adler contracts, it’ll take a little bit of effort and quick dropping to grab the contract, as many other players will be after them.

Check out the screenshot below for what you should be looking for on the map:

The Farmland area of the map with an Adler contract highlighted

After collecting the contract, all you have to do is follow the markers on your map like you would a standard Scavenger contract.

Be warned: sometimes the challenge will just glitch and not mark as completed. I had this issue, when my squadmate got a ticked box under the ‘Hunt for Adler’ contract section and I didn’t. It’s pretty irritating, but it happens. Try again and it’ll eventually work.

How to complete the Summit contract

It’s the same story here - look for Adler contracts near the Summit area. Some games just won’t spawn them in certain areas, so make sure you’re looking hard and dropping fast.

Dropping fast is the key here - if the contract is a long way off the flight path then you can parachute sideways to get more distance on your drop and get there in the air rather than having to run towards it.

Here’s a screenshot of where you can find the Summit Hunt for Adler contracts:

The Summit area of the Warzone map with an Adler contract highlighted.

Once again, it’s the same story with this contract - find the intel and collect it in the same manner you would with a normal Scavenger contract.

How to complete the Factory contract

Finally, you have the Factory contract. It’s in the middle of the map so you’ll probably find it a bit harder to get there before your enemies, but once you do it’s once again a matter of completing a Scavenger contract.

Here’s where Factory is on the map and what you should look for in a Hunt for Adler contract there:

The Factory area of the map with a Hunt for Adler intel contract in it.

How to do the Cold War Hunt for Adler missions

You need to own Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to fully complete the Hunt for Adler missions. Don’t worry though - these ones are much easier than the Warzone one if you do have the game.

Here’s the missions you need to do:

  • Play and complete 7 games on Yamantau
  • Kill 25 enemies who have been revealed by your Spy Plane, H.A.R.P., or Field Mic
  • Kill 25 enemies on a killstreak while using the Assassin perk

You can make progress on these missions all in one, too! There’s a Yamantau 24/7 playlist available in Cold War at the moment, so jump into games there with the Assassin perk and Field Mic in your loadout, and whack on Spy Plane and H.A.R.P. to make as much headway as you can.

Keep on playing games and getting kills, and you’ll chip away at these challenges with ease.

What rewards do you get for finding Adler?

There are a few rewards to unlock with each of the Hunt for Adler missions.

Here are the available unlockables for each quest:

  • MISSING Calling Card (Epic) - Farms Intel contract (Warzone)
  • Rebel Rivas Sticker (Epic) - Summit Intel contract (Warzone)
  • Close Call Charm (Legendary) - Factory Intel contract (Warzone)
  • Head Comrade Sticker (Epic) - Play and complete 7 games on Yamantau
  • Pager Charm (Rare) - Kill 25 enemies who have been revealed by your Spy Plane, H.A.R.P., or Field Mic
  • Vengeful Commando Calling Card (Epic) - Kill 25 enemies on a killstreak while using the Assassin perk
  • Tortured & Rescued Adler Skin (Legendary) - Complete all above challenges

The Tortured & Rescued Adler skin is only available after you complete the rest of the challenges, and it’ll be equippable after that in your Operators section.

That's all you need to know for the Hunt for Adler mission in Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold War! We have all kinds of other handy guides for the games too though, including a best PPSh-41 loadout guide, as well as info on all the Warzone War Tracks you can play in your vehicle in Warzone.

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