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Warzone's getting a new rifle tonight, and it's a goodun

I can see it shaking up the meta

It's been a little while since Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 3 nuked Verdansk into the 1980s, and we've had time to get used to the two new weapons. They're both okay bits of kit, but haven't had a huge impact on the meta. So it's good to know that there's a new gun dropping tonight that'll likely shake things up nicely.

Last night Treyarch announced that the new CARV.2 tactical rifle would be arriving today in Warzone and Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It won't appear in your arsenal straight away, though. First you'll need to complete an in-game challenge to unlock it. Or you can purchase it through the in-game store with real money if you've got some spare change lying about.

In a blog post, Treyarch says that the CARV.2 is a new burst-fire weapon with a "high bullet velocity output", "powerful damage", "solid recoil control", and a "large ammo pool from the start". Okay so, there are no boxes left to tick here.

If the CARV.2 sounds familiar to you, that's because it was actually available as ground loot at the very beginning of Warzone Season 3. Presumably, it was to whet our appetite for the weapon. And it worked on me, as I used it a few times and I've missed it ever since. I remember positively shredding enemies at mid-range, and it was a dream to handle with barely any recoil. I can't wait to spec it out with my own attachments to squeeze even more performance out of it (and yes, I do treat my weapons like gaming PCs).

Plus, the CARV.2 has a nice iron-sight. I've found the strongest weapons in Warzone - for the most part - have decent visibility without needing a scope. This lets you effectively 'save' an attachment slot for other things, like making your gun as close to a laser beam as possible.

The previous two weapons: the PPSh-41 submachine gun, and the Swiss K31 sniper rifle work well at their respective ranges, but haven't proved strong enough to break into the meta. They're quite fun to use, but not nearly as effective as other weapons in their category. The CARV.2, though? I reckon it's got some serious potential as a mid to long-range bruiser.

If the sound of this new gun hasn't piqued your interest, then how about Call Of Duty teasing the appearance of Rambo as a new operator skin? The official account Tweeted out the unbelievable Warzone stats of a player called "Survivor John", whose K/D ratio, hours played and the like all pointed to Rambo, according to Twitter user eric maynard. And honestly, it all adds up.

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