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Watch not-Keanu rampage in this Cyberpunk 2077 fan film trailer

Do you feel cyber-lucky?

Fans of the not yet released neon enthusiast sim Cyberpunk 2077 have put together a lot of projects while waiting for its September release. The latest is fan film called Phoenix Program, a story set in the same world and even using some of the game's characters. A teaser trailer was released on Saturday.

Featuring a group of experienced cosplayers, headlined by Ben "Maul Cosplay" Bergmann (known in particular for his Geralting), it shows an action packed minute in which Neo does John Wick stuff in the nightclub from Blade for unclear reasons. You can see the trailer below.

Vi-Dan Tran is its director. It's a name that may not be famous, but as much of his work has been in the thankless world of stunts (which still doesn't get an Oscar category despite workers literally risking their lives for the craft while the other actors sulk over a mimosa), that's hardly his fault. He's worked with the Jackie Chan stunt team, contributed to the upcoming Dune adaptation and Marvel's Shang Chi, and as part of T7 Productions had a hand in all manner of stunts for Into The Badlands. You can see some behind the scenes footage of that work on their YouTube channel.

His stunting experience shows in the glimpses of choreography we see throughout a very punchy minute. Lifting and slamming a feller onto concrete like that might not seem like a big stunt, for one, but, well, you try doing it ("Do not try doing it." - Legally Aware Ed).

I'm impressed at the work that's gone into it, but the prospect of going in so hard on a fan project for something that's not even out yet chills my soul. What if you end up not liking the game? I have enough complicated feelings in my life.

Shooting for the film is currently ongoing, understandably delayed due to (gestures at the world).

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