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Watch the Epic Games Store showcase here today for new announcements

New announcements and gameplay promised

What are Epic up to with their games store? While Fortnite still drives most its income, they recently revealed they have more exclusives coming in the next two years than they have so far. We'll see more of their upcoming games later today in the Epic Games Store Spring Showcase, including some new announcements. Handily, you can watch the Twitch stream here below, which starts at 7pm GMT.

Update: Now that the stream is over, here's an archive of it:
Watch on YouTube
"Join us as we take a look at some of the games launching on the Epic Games Store this year," Epic said when announcing the stream. "We've curated a collection of new announcements, gameplay and extended looks presented by the developers creating the games we all love."

Presumably a fair few of those will be Epixscloosies? A sale will start today too, with deals including 40% off Star Wars: Squadrons until February 25th.

The Epic Games Store Spring Showcase is due to start at 7pm GMT (11:00am), with the possibly-not-accurate Twitch schedule saying it'll run for 30 minutes. Not super long, but they sure could cram in a lot if the showcase is back-to-back blasts without inane chatter from unfunny hosts. Not that I'm still grumping about how many hours of aimless and endless streams I had to watch during not-E3 2020 or anything.

I'm declaring it now: this is the first showcase of not-E3 2021. I mean, sure, why not? E3's organisers might be trying to unifying the industry under their banner again but I don't think they can recover all the ground they've lost, now companies have got a taste of doing things their own way in their own time. Buckle up, we're in for a long not-E3.

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