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Wayward Souls crawls into the dungeons of early access

Death Rogue to Camelot

Wayward Souls: Curse of Shadow, a story-driven and SNES-inspired action RPG (with procedurally generated dungeons, of course) is out now on PC in early access. An enhanced port of Rocketcat's 2014 mobile RPG, I've been meaning to try it after hearing good things about it - what you'd expect from the developers of the excellent Death Road to Canada.

While the specifics of each dungeon's layout are procedurally generated (and there's an endless survival mode for those who want to dive deep on that), Wayward Souls plays more like a traditional Super Nintendo-era action RPG, ala Secret of Mana or Terranigma. Each of the six playable characters (seven, by the time the game leaves early access) has their own story arc, bosses and NPCs to chatter with, as well as wildly different playstyles. While not as silly as Death Road to Canada, this is a Rocketcat game so expect it to be at least a little tongue-in-cheek, and contain many hats.

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Rocketcat have been expanding and upgrading Wayward Souls since its original debut, and the PC version will further build on that foundation. While in the mobile version the Paladin character was only playable through the tutorial, they are now set to be the "end-game" character of the main story. The early access version of the game contains everything the mobile edition has at present, with the Paladin, a revamped Endless Mode, cloud saves and some extra tweaks planned to be patched in over the next 3-7 months leading up to launch.

Wayward Souls is out now on Steam for £8.36/€8.99/$10.79.

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