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Wayward Souls is coming to PC next week

Way hay, word

In the dismal spring rains of 2014, word came to Adam of a mobile action RPG called Wayward Souls, a top-down skellington-smasher with randomised levels and lots of hats. It excited him. We were very into hats back then. Fast forward four horrendous years and the game is finally coming to PC. What took the developers so long? Oh, I guess they were busy making Death Road to Canada.

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Oddly, it isn’t quite finished, say Rocketcat Games, so it’s going into the early access dungeons on Monday July 16, rather than a straightforward release. There’ll be seven different heroes with which to crawl. The Rogue has a pair of hardy boots that can send enemies across the room. The Mage can use steamy single-use scrolls to summon flames and lightning. And the Warrior has nippy spell-cancelling throwing axes. They have other abilities, obv, which you can read on the game’s Steam page if you’re nosy.

There are other classes. A Spellsword, Adventurer and Cultist, to be precise. But the developers are also working on a seventh, the Paladin, who'll be added during early access, and who completes the game’s story.

“The game has a similar writing tone to Death Road to Canada, maybe slightly less goofy,” says lead developer Kepa Auwae. “The game's greatest inspiration was the SNES Secret of Mana, though I wanted it to be faster paced.”

Graham vouches for Death Road to Canada, so it might be nice for all of us who hate telecommunication devices to play this entry in Rocketcat's back catalogue. It'll be $12 when it comes out on Monday.

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