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Psychedelic Survival: We Happy Few Hits Early Access

Trippy, maaan

Sure, you've survived the zombie apocalypse, the icepocalypse, the nuclear apocalypse, and even the mythical indiepocalypse, but can you survive in a dystopian '60s English city where everyone's hepped up on goofballs? We Happy Few [official site] launched into early access today so you can test yourself. I'm not usually one for survival-y games but I do like We Happy Few's ideas of social-ish survival, where tripping townsfolk may leave you alone if they don't realise you're not off your tits.

So! Everyone in the authoritarian city of Wellington Wells is supposed to be taking their Joy, a drug that makes everything seem lovely and wonderful. The reality is far from that. Playing as someone coming off their Joy, players are stuck trying to survive. This means eating, sleeping, scavenging, sneaking, crafting, and all that usual survive 'em up stuff, but they can also try passing as someone full of Joy. Residents don't like people who are 'downers' but waving, being friendly, and not behaving suspiciously may keep you safe. I like the sound of that.

The world's procedural so each adventure can be different - and you can play with permadeath.

The full game will have a proper story but the early access version is missing most of that. Developers Compulsion Games expect We Happy Few will be in early access for between six and twelve months while they add extra content and gather feedback to shape the game.

If you want in right now, it's £22.99/27,99€/$29.99 on Steam Early Access and on GOG.

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We Happy Few

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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