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We Happy Few comes crashing down in final expansion, We All Fall Down

Ring around the rosies

You can only keep a population subdued by state-enforced drugs and totalitarian policing for so long. 60s Brit-hell adventure We Happy Few received its third and final story DLC today, We All Fall Down, and it's tearing the whole cheery facade down. Everything's quite on fire, and new heroine Victoria brings a little bit of Dishonored to the mix with grappling skills that'd make and self-respecting Kaldwin proud.

Merry old Uncle Jack might be feeling the burn, but there's still some room to squeeze those last drops of Joy out of Wellington Wells' dystopian hell.

We All Fall Down puts you in the tall leather boots of Victoria Byng, a whip-flicking administrator who's quite done with sitting back and watching the town slip into destruction. This third and final expansion wraps up We Happy Few's story and season pass, reducing a once-cheery town to cinders in the process.

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Low stocks of medication and food? Civil disorder and the failure of good ol' fashioned British stoicism? What a wonderful make-believe world you constructed for me to escape into, Compulsion Games.

Wellington Wells' might have descended into fire and violence, but at least Victoria looks like she's having a rollicking good time. Her whip doubles as both a weapon and a grappling hook, letting her leap across town like an off-brand Corvo. It all looks a hell of a lot more mobile than our first land-locked lads, with a whole rooftop playground to explore. She also carries a dart gun, letting her take down pale-faced coppers from a safe distance.

While it seemed a sure thing, We Happy Few had a bit of a deflated launch last year. What looked like a Brit-pop Bioshock led to a brief survival-centric Early Access launch. Developers Compulsion attempted to reel that back in and give folks what they wanted, ending up with a game John said "undeniably feels like it should be being amazing all the time, and almost never is" in his review.

We All Fall Down is available on Steam as part of the We Happy Few Season Pass for £20/$20/€25, though it'll eventually be available to pick up on its own.

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