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Wearing shorts = OMFG! SPOILERZ!

We love Portal. You love Portal. But Niki? He loves Portal.

Both beat-poetry and commentary on his motivations from the be-inked man beneath the cut:

Firstly, his original mail. EDIT: And in the game!

Not in cruelty,
Not in wrath,
The REAPER came today;
An ANGEL visited
this gray path,
And took the cube away.

Sniff. He didn't do in Italics, but we did, as we think it added classy empathsis. We're all about the classy empathsis.

We also asked Niki why he actually got them done in the first place. "Valve has created several of my favorite games," Niki notes, "When I played Portal and encountered the WCC I saw something Iconic and instantly recognizable to anyone who is a Valve fan. The cake is for balance (plus I like to make cakes!). I work in the video game industry so I figured it was a perfect fit. Plus it doesn't hurt that the game is incredibly innovative."

Hurrah for gaming tattoos. Also, for bonus marks, which member of the RPS team has a tattoo of art from cult piece of Russian obscurantism, Pathologic?

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