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Well, whaddya know, there’ll officially be a season two of Amazon’s very popular Fallout TV show

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The three main characters of Amazon's Fallout TV show
Image credit: Amazon Prime Video

In the most unsurprising news you might read today: Amazon are going to make a second season to their very popular Fallout TV show. That means one more season until we get Liam Neeson, right?

The live-action Fallout series dropped a week ago, and quickly blew up into one of the biggest and best video game adaptations to date. From my own travels around the internet, it seemed to leave pretty much everyone pleased: people who’d never heard of Fallout before and seemed to appreciate it as enjoyable prestige television, Fallout fans who felt it was a faithful vision of the series’ gruelling post-apocalypse and critical political commentary (even if it’s perhaps a little lighter on that side than the post-Fallout 2 wasteland hijinks), and Todd Howard, who can now presumably build his own massive underground vault and fill it full of the cash made from everyone wanting to play Fallout again.

We pretty much knew a Fallout: Season 2 was happening already thanks to its creators being handed a bunch of tax credits by the state of California to go and film there. Perhaps that means we’ll see a bit more backstory on the series’ New California Republic, which is mentioned in the first season but is largely relegated to people talking about its history given that (Season 1 spoilers!) the NCR was largely wiped out by the destruction of Shady Sands before the start of the show.

We can also infer from the end of season one that we’re headed to New Vegas, and co-showrunner Graham Wagner has promised - before a second season was officially announced, mind - that some “iconic elements” from the video games have been saved for whatever comes next. That may well include deathclaws, which are yet to be seen beyond a skull in the last episode - but the show’s creators seem to at least be sparing in their approach to playing Fallout Series Bingo on screen. (They’ve also found space to add their own contributions to wider Fallout series lore, too.)

“We didn't want to see the show to seem like it was written by people who just, like, spent 10 seconds reading the Wikipedia page for Fallout and didn't bother to, like, bring in some deeper cuts,” co-showrunner Geneve Robertson-Dworet said. “Hopefully that won't piss off fans because we didn't get to every last thing, but hopefully they will bear with us and pray with us that we get a second season to bring these things to the screen.”

They didn’t have to pray long, with Amazon putting out a post that confirms, yes, Fallout will be back for a second season. No word on when that’ll be, what it’ll be - the accompanying image shows season one leads Lucy, The Ghoul and Maximus, plus canine pal CX404, who will presumably show up again - or where it’ll be set just yet. While you’re waiting, though, why not join the crowd and revisit Fallout 4 again?

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